Arms and armour in Middle Earth – Update

I spent some thought on yesterday’s post (mostly, to make sure I had not written bullshit). I ended up picking up my Italian translation of David Day’s Tolkien Bestiary: a book pretty much hated by Tolkien fans these days, I assume deservedly (one third of the information seems to have been, well, entirely made up). The quality of the illustrations, though, is indisputable.

I am now in a position to crown the most “techno-faithful” Tolkien illustrator in all matters of arms and armour: Victor Ambrus.  His warriors, mostly elves, wear long chain mail hauberks, occasionally supplemented by small plates. They have simple conic helms, and wield single handed melee weapons (spears, axes, swords) coupled with round or oval shields. Pretty much what Tolkien himself would have drawn, had he been able to, I guess.

Last but not least, the man also gave us one of the most beautiful renditions of Galadriel: maybe less ethereal than Alan Lee‘s, but surely miles above Angus McBride‘s glorified Barbie doll. So kudos to Mr. Ambrus!


2 thoughts on “Arms and armour in Middle Earth – Update

  1. Victor Ambrus! It’s so great to hear that name again. Man, he has some great stuff – his Tolkien illustrations are really wonderful, and he has some wonderful old Arthurian stuff, too. Thanks for bringing that thought back into my mind – it’s been a long time!


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