Preemptive FAQs

Would you call yourself a gamer?

Yes. Actually, I am a retired gamer: I used to read and play RPGs in my youth and then, like many others, I happened to do both things less and less often, for personal and practical reasons. These days I am immersing myself in RPG books again, and I would like to share some thoughts. As for playing, I would do it if the opportunity presents itself.

Have you ever played LARP games?


Have you ever played MMORPGs or any computer RPGs?


So, whenever you write “RPGs”, should I take it to mean “tabletop RPGs”?


Would you call yourself a collector?

Not by any stretch of imagination. Even though in the Nineties I spent a small fortune on RPGs (mostly, but not exclusively, Italian editions), part of what got me interested in RPGs again was my regret for having at some point lent/sold/thrown away a vast majority of my game books (I know, I deserve your hate!). Recently I have been buying a certain number of second-hand books, and enjoying quite a bit the big wave of cheap(ish) PDF re-editions. I do not aim at completeness though.

Would you call yourself an expert on anything you are going to write about?

No. In fact, I would be happy to learn more about all sorts of things (RPG mechanics and back catalogues, probability theory, fantasy/sci-fi literature, ancient/medieval/modern history, martial arts, physics etc.) and I will be glad for any relevant comment, provided that everybody keeps in mind that (a) this is not an academic journal and (b) I am just a hobbyist blogger: I am not stealing anybody’s job.

Why should I waste my time reading your ramblings?

You shouldn’t. In fact, as your doctor I advise you to close this tab right now.

Are you going to moderate my comments?

Yes. Think of it this way: you are my guest here, and few would let their guests spit on the floor and make obscene remarks on their female relatives. If you happen to find bloggers who do, go read their blogs instead.

Do you take yourself very seriously?

In spite of appearance, not at all.


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