They Live

Ok people, after the promising launch of a PoD line of classic D&D titles, I do not know how to call these other news: Exciting? Uplifting? Magnificent? Well, judge by yourself: For the first time, three GURPS 4e supplements come back in print via CreateSpace, the PoD platform by Amazon!

A couple of years ago I was very lucky and managed to buy many of the old hardcovers from a former player at reasonable prices, a few others I bought on the aftermarket at sillier prices (High Tech and Thaumatology, I am thinking of you!). But for anybody willing to start playing GURPS these are superb news: it really changes everything. Not to mention the fact that these reprints incorporate all known errata (and man, in Magic and Ultra Tech there were a ton!). So anybody running the game should consider getting new copies for easier table use. Be nice: go buy them.


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