Mad Paladins Fighting Demons (in Verses)!

The person known as Blacky the Blackball is now a fellow WordPress blogger. The blog is home to Blacky’s outstanding retro games, which are distributed at cost price. Being the happy purchaser of Lulu printed copies of Dark Dungeons and Blood, Guts & Glory, I could go on for hours about how much I like them both.

Dark Dungeons is especially fun to me, for two very different reasons. First, it is a very faithful clone of the Rules Cyclopedia, which is in many ways my favourite official D&D core book. Second, the author did the smart choice of illustrate it with Gustave Doré‘s beautiful drawings. Beyond being beautiful, these pictures are also likely to trigger a somewhat funny association to any Italian high schooler. The reason is that most of them are scenes from revered classics Dante’s Divine Comedy and Ariosto’s Frenzy of Orlando. But mind you! The choice is not actually that extravagant. Ariosto’s epic poem is first class campaign material, and Dante himself led a pretty adventurous life, so why not?


[Ok, this one was just to let you now that the blog is not dead. Which, as the old joke goes, technically makes it undead…]


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