A Club of Fate Hackers

[ADDENDUM – June 2016: The links down there are still active, but are made obsolete by this revised draft:

Fate of the North Star (FAE edition)

This one is for FAE only. I am not the greatest fan of FAE, as you might know, but I have come to think that it might suit the genre better.]

When I first read Fate Core, I realized that many people were producing “hacks” for the widest range of settings and characters. Since I was curious about the system and insecure about my understanding of the rules, I decided that I wanted to give it a try myself.

I had recently reread the Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the Nort Star) manga, and browsed through the (extremely interesting) Italian RPG from the Nineties, so my choice fell on HNK.

I will post my provisional writeup of the rules, which I will correct and update irregularly in the future. Pretty interestingly, I roughly managed to model the series without so many real rule changes or additions. It is the sign, I think, that the great abstractness of Fate Core is in fact an advantage whenever one wants to model bizarre or over the top effects, which would otherwise require extensive rule tweaks in more simulationist systems.

Notice that I wrote this stuff before I had a chance to read the outstanding wuxia rules of Tianxia – Blood, Silk & Jade. Genre differences aside, that game truly shines in inventing martial art rules that stay very faithful to the abstractness of Fate Core while being nevertheless mechanically interesting. My approach is much more rudimentary, both for lack of skill on my part, and because there is  a certain vagueness in the source material that I did not want to amend arbitrarily.

I am no great expert of the HNK universe in general, so many things might strike you as unfaithful. For reference, and for those who have never read the manga, this wiki is everything you need to know on the setting and more.

I have produced a pdf in A5 format, to emulate the small format of Fate books. You can print it two pages in one, if you like.

It can be downloaded here:

Fate of the North Star

Fate (Accelerated) of the North Star


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